How do I use Way2SMS?

Way2SMS is an easy - log in portal by typing your gender , name, date of birth, email, profession , city , income, mobile number and then by typing the characters given and instantly you get an SMS from Way2SMS confirming your registration with the numerical password .

What do I need in order to become Way2SMS user?

All you need is a valid Indian mobile number.

Is it FREE or Do I have to pay to send SMS from Way2sms.com?

It’s absolutely free. We charge from our advertisers. Advertiser’s funds for user communication.Way2SMS will not deduct or charge from Mobile users of any network (GSM/CDMA).

Can I send Free SMS using WAY2SMS via my Mobile?

Yes, you can send via our WAP portal.... visit wap.way2sms.com from a GPRS enabled mobile phone.

Why Only 140 characters? Why not 160?

Out of standard size of 160 characters we allow 140 characters s for user’s message, rest of the characters will be filled with "Sent via WAY2SMS.COM". This helps receiver to identify how the message has been sent, incase of any abusive messages one can complain to us and we will fix the issue.

Can I send SMS to other countries?

This feature will be provided soon. Currently, Way2SMS Delivers only within India. Users will be intimated soon after launching our service in other countries.

Why too many ads in the site?

Ads are the primary source of funding user’s FREE messaging activity. As every SMS we deliver, costs heavily to us, and we have to pay hefty bills to the telecom operators, and in order to maintain top quality services its necessary to fund our operations.

Is there any option to unsubscribe the receiving of ads along with SMS?

As in the above conversation we said that Ads are our funding partners. The SMS characters that you send is 140 characters and the rest of the characters is the platform for Ads. So one can’t unsubscribe it.Your browser may not support display of this image.

How many contacts I can store?

As many as you can. Unlimited.

How many SMS I can Send in a day?

You can send up to 100 SMS in a day.

Can I send SMS to 'STD Mobile Numbers?

Yes Of course, you can send SMS to any mobile network in India. All you have to do is just enter 10 DIGIT mobile numbers and send SMS.

How long does message delivery take?

Its fraction in seconds .

How do I delete my account?

You can send a mail to support@way2sms.com and request them to delete the account.

For how many months can I use my account?

As long as you’re using the SMSing services you are our user.

When does the account expire?

When we find that the respective user is not accessing his/ her account for more than 3 months it will be inactivated.