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How is the SMS charged ?

For every message that is submitted would be charged

Can we send long messages?

Yes ! you can , if the message exceeds 160 characters then you would be charged for the second message as well

How do we make payment for the SMS we send ?

You have to fill the wallet with amount of your choice , and it is a pay as you go model the amount would be automatically deducted when you send messages.

What is a sender ID ?

It is the mobile number or name that an SMS message comes from. You can set your own sender ID and customize your message.

What is business account?

This service help to send promotion and transactional messages to your list of users with lowest price per sms.

What is the Difference Between Business Need & Promote Account?

Business Account :You can target group of users from your own list of contacts

Promote Account: You can target High Profile Users from Our Data base